A curated list of notable changes we have made to improve our system.

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*Pending the update to your app in the App Store and Google Play Store.





  • Password Protected pages*

  • Account Deletion Feature*

  • URL recognition in Chats*

  • Donation Types updated*


  • Unencrypted Passwords when managing Chat Rooms




  • Zapier Update: Fund field added

  • Birthdate no longer requiring Year

  • Option to Print 2 ID tags in Check-Ins

  • Confirmation Pop Up to Remove Custom Fields




  • Darker Gray Text

  • Ability to comment on Custom Posts

  • Back button on PWA

  • Confirmation for deleting App Pages

  • Trash section for deleted App Pages in Connection module


  • Full length PWA Home Page Cards

  • Banner Image on PWA

  • Colored Gradient feature for Banner Image on PWA

  • Folder Cards centered on PWA

  • PWA Share URL includes Logo


  • Emojis Supported in App Comments

  • Allergy Listed on Check-in Stickers

  • Text Box Option on Location Section


  • Notifications for new Chats

  • Time and Date added to News Feed posts

  • No Reply response added to Mass Communication

  • First and Last Name separated in Community






Check-in: "Auto Checkout at the end of the day" - if the option is checked, anyone not manually checked out will be automatically checked out at 10:00 pm CST.

Check-in: "Auto Renew" - if checked dates will automatically renew after the check-in date is over, previous data will be archived for reports

Check-in: ability to export Excel file

Check-in: "Print Labels"

  • when creating a check-in, ability to select "Print Labels"

  • when someone is checked in the print option will pop up

  • label will print QR code, person's name, and check-in numerical code

Volunteers: each Volunteer is able to log into ChurchBase and view their volunteer assignments in their app or website

  • Volunteers will be sent a request to their email to either accept or decline

  • Volunteers will then be sent the service plan and list of volunteers for the days they were assigned

Giving: added filter to move between months

Custom Fields: ability to add options to Membership and Lifestage

Attendance: filter by "Room", "Event", "Service", date, "All"

Attendance | Groups: Attendance will be recorded on each person's profile within "Community" > "People" > [person's name] > "Activity" as "Attended [group name], date"

Attendance | Services: "Services" also log as an "Attendance" item automatically, paired with each service and date

Attendance | Services: Attendance status for each "Service" time slot will be shown - if attendance is taken, status will be "Marked" and

Attendance | Volunteers: Admin can mark or view "Attendance" of "Volunteers of each time slot of a service in separate link

Mass Communication: Select all or specific people - send SMS or email to everyone selected directly from "People"


Check-In: Name field for Check-ins

Check-In: Ability to "Delete" from list of Check-ins

Check-In: Filter by date in list of Check-ins

Donation Page: "Upload Logo" updated under "Add New"

Custom Fields: Ability to add options to Membership and Lifestage fields


Validations were added for adding, editing, and importing people to avoid duplicates

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