Now you are able to add a gradient or opaque colored layer of your choice to any card you would like. This will allow your buttons and titles to appear clearer and your background image to appear dimmer.

(scroll to the bottom for examples)

Step 1: Start by going to the "Connection" module and select "App Pages" located under "App Management"

Step 2: Click the edit button/icon next to the "Home" page or "Folder" page depending on which cards you would like to edit

Step 3: Then click the edit button/icon next to the specific card you would like to edit

Note: You must upload an image before this option appears

Step 4: Click the "Effect On Image" menu to choose whether you would like to add an opacity layer or gradient layer to your card

Step 5: Click the color selector to explore your color options and choose one

Step 6: Click "Save"

Gradient layer example:

Opacity layer example:

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