To add a page to your app, begin by going to App Pages on the left menu.
Then, click Add Page on the top of the page list and choose your page type.

After that you can choose which kind of page you would like to add by clicking on it

(If you do not see the type of page you would like then feel free to create a Custom Page)

You can now activate the page and choose where you would like it to appear by clicking edit then choosing the sliders.

  • Activated - allows you to publish the section or keep it as a draft. 

  • Show in Menu - allows you to show the section on the left menu of your app or keep hide it from the menu. (Usually if you list on a folder)

  • Show in App - allows you to show/hide the section from the app. (Usually if you only want it displayed under PWA)

  • Show in PWA - allows you to show/hide the section from the PWA. (Usually if you only want the page showing on the App)

Some more helpful information...
Page Banner, Header & Menu Images Explained

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