Keep track of people's coming and going by using the Church Base Community "Check-in" feature located in your dashboard. 

You can use this feature for anything as large as weekly services to something as small as LifeGroups and anything else in between. 

Using it for childcare? We hoped so. To help keep the children in your community safe we added a feature that you not only have to check-in a child, but it's also mandatory to check them out as well. 

Creating a Check-In

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select Community module in the drop down menu
Select "Check-Ins" in the side menu, then "Add Check-In"

Step 2: Enter information on the form: what they're checking in for, what service, what location, what campus, date and time, who are they (are they a guest, volunteer, child, etc.), and if they require a check-out (like children in a daycare).
Select "Save"

Your event listing will be created and will look like this: 


Step 1: Select the eyeball icon in the "View" column and your check-in will open to what your congregants will see on the front-end. 

*Church Base Tip: Having a conference? Set up a few iPads in the lobby and use this check-in form as mandatory to attend the conference! 

Step 2: Search a name or number

  • If they are a regular attendee, they can search for their name. 
  • If they don't have a Community Profile created with your Church, they can create one right there and take their photo to attach it to their profile. You can also list any family members or guests that are in attendance with them. 

Step 3: After they are done, click "Done" or "Check-In" and it automatically refreshes to a new form to let the next person check-in. 

As soon as someone has checked in (if "Check-Out Required is checked), they are sent a confirmation text message directly to their phone. It looks like this: 

Click the link and it opens to a QR code that is linked to your Community Profile and the person who checked in.


Step 1: When your service is over, and you need to check out, select the camera icon

Step 2: Scan QR code, or enter the code you received.

Managing Your Check-Ins

To manage your check-ins, go back to your list of event check-ins that you created. You can see a list of who has checked-in, and check-out information, and delete check-ins, if necessary.

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