None of these are added fees! We have simply included them to give you more intuitive data on your donation fees.

The "Month End Fees" (MEF) you see on your list of donations is there to show you how much in total was charged when a batch of donations was processed each day. These batches are grouped according to payment method (ACH, Credit Card, etc.). For each day Epic Pay processes a group of donations they charge a flat rate of 0.20 Cents.

The "Daily Fees" are your standard processing fees totaled after each day (these are not added fees, this is simply a total of the fees for the day). They will be broken down by the method of payment such as credit card type, ACH, etc. The term "Combined Discount" refers to the percentage rate and the term "Authorization" refers to the set processing fee Epic Pay requires from all donations (0.30 Cents).

To hide these fees from your "Donations" simply select the "Select Daily Fees and MEF's" drop down menu and select "hide"

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