Column Editor: each table throughout ChurchBase now allows users to
select the columns they'd like to be shown or hidden - select/unselect
checkboxes to show/hide columns, format will save automatically

Check-in: "Auto Checkout at the end of the day" - if option is
checked, anyone not manually checked out will be automatically checked
out at 10:00pm CST.

Check-in: "Auto Renew" - dates will automatically renew after the
Check-in date is over, previous data will be archived for reports

Check-in: ability to export Excel file

Check-in: "Print Labels"
  - when creating a Check-in, ability to select "Print Labels"
  - first use will prompt users to select a size and printer
  - when someone is Checked-in, a pop up comes up "Print Label?"
  - label will print QR Code, Person Name, and Check-in Code

Volunteer Portal: each Volunteer is able to log into Church Base
  - members will be sent login credentials when "Volunteer" is
  - "Send Login" button added on Profile will send a login reset link
to create a password
  - Volunteer will be able to see their Profile and scheduled
services, services times and Service Plans.

Giving: added filter to move between months

Custom Fields: ability to add options to Membership and Lifestage

Attendance: filter by Room, Event, Class, Service, Group, Date
"All" is filter option to show all Groups, or Events
total counts show on the top of each table

Attendance: front end link created for "Attendance" for each Group,
Service, Room and Class from landing page for each

Attendance: Dashboard "Attendance" is pulled from Services only

Attendance | Groups: automatically email the Group Admin "Collect
Group Attendance" 15 minutes before Group is scheduled to star

Attendance | Groups: "Attendance" link shows front end list of all
People in specified Group, with a switch by each Name, when switch
"On" it auto updates total attendance count, will be recorded inside
each Group

Attendance | Groups: Attendance will be recorded on each Person
Profile in "Activity" as "Attended [Group Name], Date"

Attendance | Services: front end link will show all People and a
"Manual Count" field

Attendance | Services: "Services" also log as an "Attendance" item
automatically, paired with each service and date

Attendance | Services: Attendance status for each Service time slot
will be shown - if attendance is taken, status will be "Marked" and
checkboxes will be disabled - total presents vs. absents also shown

Attendance | Volunteers: Admin can mark or view Attendance of
Volunteers of each time slot of a service in separate link

Mass Communication: select all or specific People - send SMS or email
to everyone selected directly from "People"


Check-in: Name field for Check-ins

Check-in: ability to "Delete" from list of Check-ins

Check-in: filter by date in list of Check-ins

Donation Page: "Upload Logo" updated under "Add New"

Custom Fields: ability to add options to Membership and Lifestage

Validations were added for adding, editing, and importing people to
avoid duplicates

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