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App Pages
Add a PageHow to add a page to your App & Website
Delete an App PageHow to delete an App Page
Set Up a Live StreamHow to set up a Live Stream in your App/PWA in App Pages
Password Protected PagesHow to create a password protect page on the App & PWA
Adding a Locations page to the App/PWA in App PagesHow to add your Church's information in App Pages
Getting Started With App Folders / MenusThis Article will provide step-by-step Instructions on how to create a folder in App Pages
App Pages: FeedHow to add a Feed App Page to your App/PWA Website
App Page: Prayer WallHow to add a Prayer Wall in App Pages
App Page: EventsHow to add the Events page to the App and PWA Website in App Pages
Add Opacity or Gradient Layer to CardsHow to add opacity or gradient layers to the background images of the cards on your App & PWA Website
Adding a Vimeo Channel or PlaylistHow to link a Vimeo channel or playlist using the App Pages in your Connection module
Isolate Home Page CardsHow to isolate Home Page cards to appear specifically on the App or PWA Website
Turn Off Titles on CardsHow to remove or hide titles from your home page or folder cards on your app and PWA website
Change the Side Menu IconsHow to change icons in the side menu on your App & Website
Monitor Comments on Custom PostsHow to monitor and delete comments made on custom posts.
App Pages: LinkHow to create a custom Link App Page for your app and website.
App Pages: Custom PageHow to create a Custom Page on your app and/or website
App Pages: Custom PostHow to add a Custom Post App Page utilizing Church Base Posts, or an external URL
App Pages: SermonsHow to create a Sermons App Page so your sermons automatically appear on your app and/or website
App Pages: Embed Event Feeds via iCalHow to embed your Google or Outlook calendar into your Event Feed
App Pages: YouTube Channel or PlaylistHow to add a YouTube playlist or channel to your app and/or website
Hide/Show App PagesHow to hide or show App Pages on your app and/or website