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Setting Up & Creating Service Plans
Setting Up & Creating Service Plans

Service Plans for Weekend Services, Youth Ministry, Kids Ministry, etc

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Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Community module in the dropdown menu

Step 2: Select Services in the side menu

Step 3: Select Add Service

Step 4: Complete information about your Church service and select Save

By clicking the + sign you can add Service Times

Step 5: After your save your Service, your plan will load in Services.
To edit, plan, and schedule your volunteers, select the name of your Service

Step 6: In the Service tab, you can edit any information regarding your Church service

Step 7: In the Plan tab, you can create a service plan. You can Copy From a previous service or start fresh with a new one.

  • Select Add Heading to separate your service into sections.

  • Select Add Item or Add Song, enter the name, and duration. The Service Plan will automatically calculate the length of the service when you add new items with their times. 

When you have entered all of the elements of your Service, select Save

Step 8: In the Service Team tab, you can schedule your Volunteers
Select the (+) to schedule a Volunteer for that position

Step 9: Type or select the name of the Volunteer that you would like to schedule into that position.

The Volunteer will need to be previously assigned to that Position to be able to be scheduled. For more information, go to: How to Assign & Schedule Volunteers

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