The Contribution module allows you to accept donations online (via App & PWA), on a giving kiosk, and by text.

Churches with online giving options increase their tithes and offerings by an average of 32% annually. We know that these donations enable you to do incredible work in your community and around the world. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to accept donations and keep as much as possible in the ministry!

We offer our entire Contribution module for free and offer the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 2.69% + 30¢ for Credit/Debit Card transactions, and 1% + 30¢ for ACH transactions.

This Article will provide the resources needed to begin processing your donations through Text-to-Give, Giving Kiosk, and via App & PWA, or third-party website.

Setup Church

Before you are able to process donations, you will need to set up your organization through our payment processor. The processor typically takes 2-3 business days to approve the application. Once it's been approved they will send you an email and you can begin processing donations!

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Test Donations

Before you begin processing donations from your donors, we always recommend giving test donations. Although donations are typically deposited on a 2-day rolling basis, after the first donation is given, it can take up to a week to establish connection with your bank account. A quick test donation before launching to your congregation will allow you to receive your donors gifts on schedule.

Customize Giving Page

Before you begin accepting donations, customize your Giving page to match your organization's brand and colorings.

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Add Giving to App & PWA Website

Adding Giving to your App & PWA Website will allow members to give their Tithes & Offerings seamlessly and conveniently.

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Set up Text-to-Give to allow your donors to text "Give" to your organization's customized number. The option to give is right at your members fingertips!

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Giving Kiosk

Use any device as a Giving Kiosk and place it in a convenient location within your church to allow members to quickly donate at their connivence. No special or expensive equipment required!

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Direct Links

Direct Links are also available for you to add on any social media, in an email campaign, or via chat.

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Widget for Third-Party Website

No problem if you have a third-party website. Add a website widget or embed the page directly into your website.

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Giving Launch Resources

Amazing! Now you are ready to launch your giving to your donors!

Let your donors know all of the ways to give by using the resources in the button below. Use these on your screens in-service or on livestream to add excitement!

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