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Publish Your App to the Google Play Store
Publish Your App to the Google Play Store

How to publish your Android app live.

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Church Base will take care of publishing your app directly to Google's Play Store, but we will need some information from you to get started.

Log into your dashboard and select the "Publishing" section in the left side menu.

To add the necessary information to publish your app to Google's Play Store, click "Edit Information" within the Google's Play Store block.

Google Developer Account

We will need to publish your Android app to an existing Google Developer account, a new Google Developer account, or Church Base's Google Developer account.

  • Use an Existing Google Developer Account: If you have an existing Google Developer account, we are able to publish your new app to your existing account.

  • Create a New Google Developer Account: If you do not have an existing account but would like to create one for your organization, you can find the steps on how to do that here. There is a one time fee of $25 associated with the account creation.

  • Publish to Church Base's Google Developer Account: If you would prefer to not set up an additional account, we can publish your app free of charge to our existing Google Developer account.

Once you have chosen your account type, add Church Base as an admin to your account, if applicable. If you have your own account, we will also need to know the organization name on your Google Developer account.

Publish Information

This information will appear publicly in Google's Play Store. We will need:

  • App Store Title: This is the name that your app will appear as in stores. You are limited to 30 characters, including spaces.

  • Store Description: Include information about your organization, and what the users can expect once they download your app.

  • Keywords: Keywords help your app be found faster in the Play Store. Adding your town name, pastor's name, or organization name variants can help your congregants easily find and download your app.

  • Store Logo: Please upload a store icon sized at 1024x1024 px in PNG format. The logo that you upload will be used as the visual identifier of your app in the Play Store.

Submitting to Google's Play Store

When all of your information has been filled out and the "Ready for Submission" bar is fully blue, your app is ready to submit to the Google Play Store.

Please note that even though changes have been made to the Google's Play Store block, they have not yet been submitted for publishing. If you see the following error message, your app has not been added to our publishing queue:

To submit the app for publishing, click the "Yes. Submit for Publishing" button, read the information presented in the pop-up, and close out of the pop-up once read.

Once you have submitted your app, you will notice a timeline appear in the Google's Play Store block.

Submitted: Your app has been submitted, and our publishers are working hard behind the scenes to submit your app to the Play Store.

In Review: Our publishers have successfully submitted your app to the Play Store. Hooray, a live app is on the way!

Live: Your app is now live! A link to view and download your app in the Play Store will appear within the block, and you will be sent a message notifying you of the live status.

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