Set Up a Live Stream

How to set up a Live Stream in your App/PWA in App Pages

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Creating a Live Stream page on your App/PWA Website will allow your users to have easy access to any service, event, or teaching you would like to live stream, as well as a countdown to your next service.

How to Set Up Live Stream

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Connection module in the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Select App Management, then select App Pages.

Step 3: Select Create Page, select Live Stream, then select the Edit Icon on the Live Stream page.

Step 4: Paste the streaming URL into the Live Stream URL field.

Make sure the toggles are selected to Show in App, Show in PWA, and Activated.

Step 5: Set the Scheduled Date and Time.

Step 6: Upload Poster image (optional) which will show as a thumbnail for the stream until the live stream begins.

Step 7: Select Save at the top of the Page.

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