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Step-by-step guide for Publishing your App

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Below are all the steps and articles needed in order to publish your App and PWA Website.

2. Set up Two-Factor Authentication on your Apple ID account

3. Add Church Base as a trusted number on your Apple ID account.

4. Once you have received your D-U-N-S number and completed the steps above, please send the following information to your designer via the chat button on your dashboard:

  • Your D-U-N-S number

  • Your legal entity name

  • Your website URL (if you do not have a live website, let us know and we can assist you with this)

  • Headquarters phone

  • Headquarters address (that corresponds with your DUNS number)

  • Your Apple ID login credentials

  • Your work email address (this email must be associated with your website domain name, and cannot end in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. For example, "" is an acceptable email.)

5. Our team will notify you upon successful application submission and send you the confirmation number provided by Apple.

6. Apple will contact you to verify non-profit status of your organization within a few days.

7. Notify your designer when you receive account approval from Apple.

8. Once you're ready to publish your App, let your designer know and they will send finished App and App application to Apple.

9. Upon approval from Apple, your designer will notify you.

10. Upon denial from Apple, your designer will resolve any issues and send back out to Apple for approval.

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