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How to add an Event to your app and website News Feed

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The News Feed is a great place to post updates and announcements to keep your users up to date on the latest news.

Adding your Events is a great way to update your users with all of the details they need to know! Follow these instructions to create an Event.

How to Add Events to the News Feed

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Connection module in the dropdown menu

Step 2: Select Notifications to open the dropdown list

Step 3: Select Notifications, then News Feed

Step 4: Select the Add News button

Please note: Once you have posted to your News Feed, your app-users will receive a Push Notification.

Step 5: A drop down box will appear, select Event

Step 6: Choose which event you would like to add from the dropdown menu of upcoming events.

Step 7: Choose whether you would like to pin this post at the top of the News Feed. This is helpful in case someone misses the post, next time they view the News Feed, they will see it!

Step 8: Your app users will now receive a notification about your upcoming event!

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