Add a Post to News Feed

How to add posts to your News Feed on your app & PWA website

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Adding a post to your News Feed allows you inform your users about news, upcoming events, giving campaigns, and more.

Users can subscribe to News Feed notifications, or they can regularly check the feed to get the latest news!

How to Add a Post to News Feed

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Connection module in the drop down menu

Step 2: Select Notifications, then select News Feed

Step 3: In News Feed, select on Add News.

Step 4: From the drop down box, select what kind of News you'd like to add. You can choose Regular, Campaign, or an Event.

Step 5: Fill out the prompted text areas for the Title and Description.

From here you can also upload an image for the news, and choose Yes or No to pin it to the top of your News Feed.

Select Save

Step 6: After you have created the News post, you can: Delete by clicking the trash icon, Edit by clicking the pencil icon, see who has liked the post by clicking the Thumbs Up icon, and read comments by clicking the speech bubble icon.

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