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FAQ: Why aren't my Sermons showing up on my app?
FAQ: Why aren't my Sermons showing up on my app?

How to get your sermon to appear on your app.

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If a sermon is not appearing in your app it may not be connected to a sermon series. In order for your sermon to appear on your app, you will need to create a series to add the sermon to the series that it belongs to.

This Article will provide step-by step instructions how to add your sermons into a sermon series.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select Content in the dropdown menu
Select Sermons and then Series in the side menu

Step 2: Type in the new series name, and select Add New Series

โ€‹Step 3: After you have added the series, select Set Image to add a series graphic

Step 4: Select Add New Series

Step 5: When the series and series image have been added, select All Sermons in the side menu
โ€‹ Step 6: Select a sermon to add to a series; select the pencil icon to edit

Step 7: Select Series and type the series name into the Series field and select Add

Step 8: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save.

Your Sermons will now show up on your app!

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