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Form Integration: Zapier
Form Integration: Zapier

How to use our Zapier integration for workflows

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**Before getting started you'll need to set up your Zapier integration through the Churchbase dashboard.  If you haven't done so, you can learn more here!**

Getting Started

Step 1: In your Churchbase dashboard navigate to the Manage Forms page under Forms and Surveys.  This can be found in both the Content or Community module.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the form you wish to integrate with Zapier.  Doing so will open up a menu, scroll over settings then down to Zapier.

Step 3: Select create one to create a new Zap with your form! 

Step 4: This will open up Zapier. Select Make a Zap! 

Step 5: Type in Gravity Forms to the search bar, select Continue.

Step 6: Copy the Webhook URL

Switch back to your ChurchBase Dashboard and paste URL into Webhook URL field
Select Update Zapier Feed.

Step 7: Switch back to Zapier page and it will pull in the data from your ChurchBase form, select Done Editing.

Step 8: Select Google Sheets in the dropdown menu
Choose the action you want to perform - here we chose Create Spreadsheet Row

Step 9: Build out your Google Sheet; for more information about how to Work with Google Sheets in Zaps

Step 10: Once you have completed building out your form, select Refresh Fields and choose what fields you would like to import into which columns. 

When that is completed, Zapier will send a test, so you can see how the information will import.
Select Test & Review (see test below)

Step 11: Select Done Editing when you are happy with how the information will be input.

Step 12: Turn your Zap on, and you are finished! You have successfully set up a Zap!

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