Here are the steps on how to create a chat room:

Step 1: Select the Connection module then under the Monitor section click Chat

Step 2: Click Add a Chat Room

Step 3: Title the room and add a description

Note: To make the chat room private, click the check box, then create a password. If you want people to join the private chat room, you will need to give them the password.

Making a public chat room:

Making a private chat room:

Note: Before entering a public or private chatroom users will need to login or create an account using 2 step verification. This can be done in the side menu of the app or website by selecting Account

Step 4: Public chats will appear in a list on the Chat page on your app or website.

Step 5: To enter a private chat room people will need to click Private Chatroom and enter the password that was created for the chat they would like to join.

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