Set Up a Chat Room

How to setup a private and public chat room on your app and website

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Setting up a public or private chat will allow members of your congregation to communicate with one another directly through the app.

Chats can be used for Worship Teams, Ministry Groups, Staff Members, or Parents of Children. Users can enable chat notifications, if they choose.

How to Set Up a Chat Room

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Connection module in the dropdown menu

Step 2: Select Monitor, then select Chat

Step 3: Select the Add Chat Room button

Step 4: Title the room and add a description

To make a chat room private, select the Private Chat Room box and create a password. Users will need to enter this password to join the private chat.

Public Chat Room:

Private Chat Room:

Step 5: Select Chat Room Icon to choose a custom icon.

Choose from 40+ icons available or upload your unique icon to be shown.

Step 6: To view a chat room, users will need to log in or register. Users can log in by selecting Account in the side menu of the app or website.

Step 7: Select Chat page on your app or website

Public Chats will automatically appear here in a list

To join a Private Chat, select Private Chat Room and enter the unique password

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