Creating Sermon Notes

How to create Sermon Notes for your congregation to utilize

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Sermon Notes allow you to create note documents that will allow your congregation to utilize and follow along with your sermon.

This Article will provide step-by-step Instructions on how to create a Sermon Note.

Video Walk-Through

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Content module in the drop down menu

Step 2: Select Notes

Step 3: Select Add New

Step 4: Enter all the details for your Notes - title, categories, graphics, etc.

  • Fill-In button is used to create a fill in the blank for your users to follow along. This will show up as a code in your dashboard.

  • Free Form is used to create a note area where your members can add their own personal notes. This will show up as a code in your dashboard.

Option 1: Select Save Draft to keep making edits later
Option 2: Select Save to publish your notes on your website or app

Add Sermon Notes to a Sermon

Step 1: Select All Notes on the left menu.
Step 2: Select the pencil icon of the notes you would like to add to your sermon.

Step 3: Right click on the permalink to copy and paste it into your Sermon.

Step 4: While staying inside your Content module, select Sermons, select All Sermons then select the pencil icon next to the sermon you would like to add your notes to.

Step 5: Paste the permalink into the Sermon Notes box and scroll down to select Save.

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