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To begin, click Content on the module drop down, then Sermon Notes on the header menu. And create a sermon by clicking Add Sermon Note in on the left side. 

Once the Sermon window is open, begin by adding a title to your sermon. You'll notice a body is required before the note can auto save, so make sure to add something in the content prior to navigating away.

You may begin composing your sermon note using the tools in the toolbox.

Most of the tools are standard, you'll notice a few new ones. 

1. Note This is a free form notes area for your users on the app to add their own notes to your sermon outline. 

The notes widget shows up like this:

The note section can't be inline, and will create space above and below the box. Don't try to remove those spaces or your sermon will be a little too tight. 


Yep! You guessed it, this allows you to add a fill-in-the-blank field for your users. This can be added inline with your text. For example...

You may add as many FILL IN's as you'd like.

3. Hiding a photo

During your composition of your sermon outline, you can add a photo. To hide the photo during the live session (user can't see the photo until you show it) 

  • Let the note save after adding the photo

  • Click the photo and make sure it's highlighted.

A highlighted photo won't show to the user on the app until you unhide it during the live session. 

4. When you are done creating your sermon outline. 

Once complete, and satisfied with your sermon outline, click PublishLive to send the sermon to the users on the app. It will appear in their list of new sermons! 

5. Going Live!

When you're ready to go live on a note, click Go Live.

This button will only show up after the note has been published live. 

Inside live mode you can... 

  • Unhide images by clicking on them to remove the highlight. To hide them again, by selecting it and watching the highlight appear. 

  • Select highlight text and it will highlight on the users app. 

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