You have the option to login to your personal account through your organization's giving link as well as on the app or website if your organization is using Church Base's full suite.

Accessing your personal account on the app

Step 1: Go to the side menu > Scroll down to the bottom > Select "Account"

Step 2: Login or create your account by entering your cell phone number and selecting "next"

A code will then be sent to the phone number entered

Step 3: Enter the code in the box provided then select "login" (if the app does not automatically log you in)

Now that you are logged in you can go to the side menu and select "My Stuff" to access your account including giving records, event registration, groups, and volunteering

My Contribution- You can view your giving digital giving records sent through the app, website, kiosk setup, or giving link. You can also manage/stop recurring/subscription gifts

My Events- View events that you have paid and registered for using Church Base

My Groups- View groups that you are a part of and when they occur

My Volunteering- View volunteer positions you have agreed when they occur

My Profile- View, update or input your contact information

Access your personal account on the website

Follow the same steps as above only the side menu on the website can be found in the right upper corner

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