Step 1: Select the "Connection" module
Step 2: Select "App Pages" under "App Management"

If you already have a "Sermons" page made, it will appear in the list of pages in "App Pages".  (If you would like to use your previously made "Sermons" page you may skip steps 3-4)

Step 3: Select "Create Page" 

Step 4: Select the "Sermons" page

Step 5: Select the "edit" button next to the "Sermons" page. 

 (New pages will automatically appear at the bottom of the list)

Step 6: Select your "Feed RSS"

Custom URL= Allows you to enter a URL of your choosing, for sermons posted on                                sources outside of Church Base.
ChurchBase CMS= Will show the sermons that you have published in the "Content"                                       module inside of your Church Base dashboard.

Step 7: Make sure you have "Activated" the page and selected                     where you would like it to appear.

Step 8: Select "Save"

There is no need to add a "Banner Image", "Banner Title", and "Banner Description"
The most recent sermon will appear at the top of the page on your PWA.

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