In order for your sermons to appear in the Sermon module on your app or website, you will need to create a Series to add your sermons to.

Start by navigating to the Content > Sermons section of your dashboard, and selecting "Series."

Add the name of your series, and press "Add new series."

Once your series has been added to the list, click the "+" button below the series you just created.

Upload your series image or select an existing image, and press "Set Series Image." These images work best if sized at 1900x1000 px.

Once you've added your series and corresponding series image, you can begin adding sermons to your series. In the "All Sermons" tab, select the sermon that you would like to add to a series.

Type in the series name, select from the list that appears, and click "Add."

Click the "Update" or "Publish" button on your sermon, and the sermon will be added to the selected series.

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