Here are the steps on how to create a chat room:

  1. Navigate to the "Chat" from the "Connect" tab.

2. Click "Add a Chat Room"

3. Title the room and add a description if desired.
Note: If you make the chat private by selecting a group, the title you choose will be used as a password for people to enter the chat room.

4. If you would like this chat room to be public, go ahead and click "Save" without selecting a Group. Public chats will appear in a list on the Chat section in your app.

If you are wanting to make the chat private, select the group that you would like to give access. To access private chat rooms in the app, click on the three dots that appear in the header of the Chat section. A drop down will appear, showing three sections: Join private chatroom, Manage friends, and Change nickname. Clicking "Join private chatroom" will prompt users to register for a profile in the app and then will ask the user for the name of the private chatroom they would like to enter.

If you would like the Chat feature added to your app, please notify your designer.

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