Your Directory is available to edit and create in your "Community" module

To add a "Directory" to your app or PWA website follow these instruction:

1. Go to the "Community" module in the top left corner

2. Click "Directory" from the menu below

3. Click the "eyeball" icon to view your directory

If you have not already made a directory Click here to learn how

4. You will then be taken to your "Directory" webpage. Copy the URL from that page to place it in your app or website

5. Go to your "Connection" module and click "App Pages"

6. Click "Create Page" then select the "IFrame Page"

7. Go to your newly created IFrame page at the bottom of your list and click the edit icon

From here you can click the sliders to choose where your page appears and activate it. You may also add a title for the page such as "Directory" and add a banner image and title to go at the top of your website page.

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