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How to filter, select and send texts and emails to that custom selected group of people

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Start by going to your Community module and select People > People again

From here you can search or filter people using the top drop down categories or the search bar

You may also use the arrows next to each field to sort by name, email, phone #, gender, volunteer interest, life stage, or date created.


Select the check boxes next to the people you would like to message then select the settings wheel button > Mass Communication

To send a text or email to everyone in the People section, select All from the Per Page menu then select the top check box.

Then select if you would like to send an email or an SMS text to the selected people

​You can add images, attachments, links, videos, etc. just like you would in a normal email.

SMS text:

You can also create lists or groups to send messages to!

To Schedule Mass Communications, select "Send Email", or "Send SMS", and you will see at the top a checkbox that says "Schedule".

Check the "Schedule" box and select the time and date you'd like for the Mass Communication to be sent.

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