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Managing Donations
Manage Donations via Donor Giving Profile
Manage Donations via Donor Giving Profile

How your donors can manage their donations via their personal Giving Profile

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Donors are able to access their Giving History and manage their recurring donations quickly and easily through the app or website!

This helps donors feel secure in setting up recurring donations.

How to Manage Recurring Donations via App

Step 1: Select the Giving page in your organization's app or website

Step 2: Select the Login / Register button on the Giving page

Step 3: Select My Contributions from the side menu

This will allow you to see your donation history and all active recurring donations

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom to view Recurring Gifts

Step 5: Select Stop to end recurring donations

If you would like to change the amount or frequency, you can end the current recurring donation, and set up a new one with the adjusted amount or frequency

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