Anyone who has downloaded your app and logged in can now make a post on the News Feed section of your app. (click here to see how users can log in)

Note: All users will be prompted to login using a cell phone number before being allowed to post.

From here people can comment, like other posts, post videos, pictures, and needs of their own at the bottom.

Click here to post a photo:

Click here to post a video:

Click here to post a need:

After selecting Need you will be taken to this screen:

At the bottom users can choose who can view their Needs

GROUPS: allow the groups a person is a member of in the Community module to view their need on the Newsfeed

MY COMMUNITY: Only works if you create a Community page within App Pages. In the Community page on the app or website a user can add people to their community list.

EVERYONE: Will allow anyone who views the newsfeed to see your post.

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