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Managing Custom Fields

How to manage Custom Fields

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Step 1: In your Dashboard, go to the Community module in the top left hand corner 

Step 2: Select People

Step 3: Select the Settings wheel and go to Custom Fields

Step 4: You can create your Custom Fields by selecting the [+] and then you will have options to Customize your fields. 

You can also scroll down and add other fields to the Membership or Life Stage Fields  already provided. 

After you have selected the [+] button you will then need to choose whether you would like this to be a fixed or dynamic field. 

  • Fixed- You will not be able to remove or edit the field title once it is added.

  • Dynamic- You can edit or remove the field at any time.

Please let us know if you have any other questions by contacting us via Intercom in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard.

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