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How to refund a donation, send a receipt, or cancel recurring donations

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Managing donations will allow you to refund donations, send another copy of the donation receipt, or end recurring donations.

How to Manage Donations

Step 1: In your Dashboard, under the Contribution module, select Manage Giving and then select, Donations in the side menu

Step 2: Hover over the donation you would like to manage and select the Settings Wheel Icon, and then select View

If a donation is recurring, you will see a recurring symbol next to the Total Amount

Step 3: Here you will see options for managing the donation - Refund, Cancel Subscription, and Receipt.

Refund: Refund the donation back to donor
Cancel Subscription: If the donation is recurring, you can end the recurring donation.
*This option will not show if the donation is not recurring
Receipt: Send another confirmation email of the donor's donation 

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