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Getting Started With App Folders / Menus
Getting Started With App Folders / Menus
This Article will provide step-by-step Instructions on how to create a folder in App Pages
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When you add a folder, you are able to group like items to appear in the same section, much like your home page. For example, you may create a Media folder, and include cards that link to your Sermons page, Sermon Notes page, and Livestream page.

Step 1: In your Connection module, click on App Pages in your sidebar menu.

Step 2: Click the Create Page button.

Step 3: Click on the Folder option to create your folder.

Step 4: You'll see your new folder appear at the bottom of your App Pages. Click on the Edit icon.

Step 5: Click on each of the toggles, switching them to red, to Activate, Show in App, Show in Menu, and Show in PWA.

Step 6: Always be sure to hit Save.

Step 7: Next, click on Add Card.

Step 8: Select Standard Card.

Step 9: Under Folder card, next to the standard card just created, click on the Edit icon.

Step 10: Change the name of the folder to what you would like, then click on the Link Card to Page dropdown.

Step 11: Link the card to the page of your choosing.

Step 12: Click the Refresh App button to preview in the App Preview, and always remember to click Save.

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