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How to send push notifications to your app users from the Connection module

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Push notifications are a powerful tool for communicating with your congregation. Quickly notify your users of cancelations due to weather, or send practical application encouragement for last weeks sermon.

How to Send Push Notifications

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Connection module in the dropdown menu

Step 2: Select the Notifications drop down menu, then select Push Notifications

Step 3: Customize how you would like your notification to send.

Link a Page: When a user opens the notification, they are redirected to a specific page on your app.

Schedule: Select a future date and time for this notification to send. Scheduled notifications will appear in the Notifications > Scheduled section.

Send to a Group: Send targeted push notifications directly to a specific group

Step 4: Enter the Title and Message body of your notification

iOS shows up to 148 characters on the lock screen.

Androids show up to 44 characters on the lock screen but allow up to 400 characters in the full message.

Step 5: Select Send

If you chose to schedule your notification, this will set your Notification to send on the date and time you chose.

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