To get started log in to your domain registrar account. You must own or buy the name of your domain through the registrar of your choice before connecting it to your Church Base website.

Step 1: Open a browser tab or window and sign in to your host’s website.

Step 2: You get a unique CNAME record for your domain when you set up G Suite or when you reset your G Suite admin password.

Step 3: Keep the page with this record open. You’ll use it later.

If you're not familiar with CNAME records, contact your domain host, who can help you. You can use this email template below when you call or email their support team.

To add the CNAME record to your domain host, follow the steps below. See your domain host’s documentation for more specific instructions.

  1. Go to your domain’s DNS records.
  2. Add a record to your DNS settings, selecting CNAME as the record type.
  3. Return to the first window or tab and copy the contents of the Label/Host field.
  4. Paste the copied contents into the Label or Host field with your DNS records.
  5. Return to the first window or tab and copy the contents of the Destination/Target field.
  6. Paste the copied contents into the Destination or Target field with your DNS records.Your record should look similar to one of the tables below:

Save your record. CNAME record changes can take up to 72 hours to go into effect, but typically they happen much sooner.

STEP 4: Go to the "Connection" module in your dashboard and select "Publishing"

STEP 5: Enter the "Host" and "Points To" fields for both CNAME's

Cname #1:

Host: Enter your domain name

Points to:

Cname #2:

Host: www

Points to: @

STEP 7: Select "Save" (Repeat steps 3-7 for CNAME 2)

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