Step 1: To create a "Custom Page" in your app or PWA website start by going to your "Connection" module and selecting "App Pages"

Step 2: Click the "Create Page" button

Step 3: Select "Custom Page" from the list of pages

Step 4: Customize your page by choosing a title for your page activating the page and choosing where you would like it to appear (Show in App, Show in Menu, Show in PWA)

Banner Image: The image selected will appear at the top of your PWA website page

Banner Title: Will show as a title on top of the Banner Image on the website

Banner Description: Will show as a subtitle on the Banner Image

Step 5: Add your page content in the "Custom Page Design" box

1 - Choose a heading style

2 - Create a list using bullet points

3 - Create a numbered list

4 - Indent

5 - Create a grid or chart

6 - Add a link/URL with your chosen title Learn how!

7 - Add an image from your device or an image URL

8 - Add a video URL

9 - Add a link that is automatically centered on the page

10 - Click the button to go to "Code View" and enter an embedded link then click the "Code View" button again to insert the embedded file

Step 6: Scroll to the top and click "SAVE"

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