In the "Connection" module you will find a menu option called "Publishing".

Here is where you will add in and save all of your app and website information so that we can help you publish to your website domain and on the Apple and Android app stores

1. Upload your app logo and click "Save"

(We recommend a bold logo with large characteristics, please avoid small writing because it will make it harder to find on the app store)

2. Type your "App Name", "App Keywords", and "App Store Description" then click "Save"

  • App names need to be 30 characters or less, including spaces
  • Keywords will help people be able to find your app in the app store. Please add at least 5
  • The description will also help your app be easier to find

3. Route your Domain yourself or give us access so we can help you then type your domain name (website url) in the box provided

In the "Domain Registrar Access" box please include your:

  • Domain registrar (GoDaddy, Wix, NameCheap, etc.)
  • Domain registrar login/username
  • Domain registrar password

4. Create your app developer accounts if you don't already have them

You can select "No" then follow the instructions to create your account by clicking the link provided here.


4. If you already have an ITunes developer account select yes then enter your Apple login and password

5. Contact us in the Chat to let us know when you have completed all of these things and are ready for your app and website to go live!

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