The content on a "Custom Posts" page will be created and feed from your "Content" module under "Custom Posts"

To learn how to create these posts click here!

Create a "Custom Posts" page on your app or PWA website

Start by going to your "Connection" module in the top left then select "App Pages" under "App Management", to create your new app/website page!

Then click "Create Page" to choose the type of page you would like to create

Next click "Custom Post" to create your page

Note: Your new page will not show on your app or website until you click the edit button, activate the page, and choose where you would like it to appear (side menu, PWA website, or app)

Click the edit icon next to the "Custom Post" page

Note: the sliders shown below are how you activate and choose where you want the page to be accessible. The "Banner Image, Banner Title, and Banner Description" will appear at the top of this page on your website.

Select "ChurchBase CMS" under "Post Type" to have custom posts made in the content module feed to this page.

Select "Custom URL" to paste a URL of your choice into the box provided.

Select the category of post you would like to appear from the content module in the drop down menu

Once you are done click "Save"

Click here to learn how to create a custom post in you content module!

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