If you haven't already created your Event and Registration Form, be sure to go back and check out How to Create an Event and How to Create an Event Registration Form.

Once you have created your Event and Registration Form, here is how you can create and attach a payment to your Registration Form. 

* Please note: Event Payments can only be done if you have already set up your Church for giving and been verified. If you have not done that already, follow these instructions to get set up!

Step 1: In your Dashboard, select the Digital Giving module in the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Scroll down to "Event Registration" and select "Manage Events"

Step 3: Select "Add Event" 

Step 4: Enter all of the necessary information you need to provide - church, title, date & times, graphic

Step 5: You can add Attendee Types with or without variable options.
Add Attendee Type (without variables) 

  • Add Attendee Type - name & cost
  • Select "Save Attendee Type"

Add Attendee Options (with variables)

  • Add Attendee Type - name & cost
  • Add each individual Attendee Options and select "Add Option" 
  • When you have added all of your Attendee Options, select "Save Attendee Type"

Step 6: After you have input all of the information, select "Save"  

Yay! Your Event Registration in Giving is now complete. Now we are going to go through the steps to attach it to your Registration Form.

Step 7: Select the "View" icon on the Event Registration in Giving you just created and want to attach to your Registration Form.

Step 8: Copy URL

Now let's navigate back to your already created Registration Form that you want to attach the Event Registration from Giving payment to.

Step 9: Select the Content module in the dropdown menu.

Step 10: Scroll down to "Forms & Surveys" and select "Manage Forms"

Step 11: Hover your curser over the Registration Form you have created for this event.
Hover over "Settings", and select "Confirmations"

Rather than sending a confirmation when the form is submitted, your member will be redirected to make a payment. 

Step 12: Select "Default Confirmation" 

Step 13: Change confirmation type from "Text" to "Redirect" 

Step 14: Paste URL that you copied from your Event Registration from Giving and select "Save Confirmation"

YOU DID IT! Your Event now has a Registration Form and Payment attached! 🎉

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