When you sign up for a website with ChurchBase, you have 2 options for the style of your website - DIY and PWA. 

What is a PWA?
PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a fully integrated website that mimics the overall look and and feel of your app, but is optimized for a website.
It will be built for you based on the church app you and your designer create.

With this option any change that you make on the app and any content you upload will be reflected in both the app and the website. (example: if you change your a picture on your home-screen it will change it on both places).

What is a DIY Website?
DIY (Do It Yourself) website is designed and managed by you! It is a custom website builder that features an easy to use drag and drop system.
Any sermons, events, etc, that you upload in the "Content" module will reflect in both the app and the website, however, changes made on the app (such as the home-screen image example above) will not automatically update on the website. 

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