After clicking "Add Page" choose a content section. Once you've configured the basic settings on your page, choose your content source...

Custom Source: a custom source is for example an external feed taken from some 3rd party system or website.

Content sections include...


This section is exclusive to Church Base content. It allows you to have an all inclusive "Sermon" section in the app. 

The Sermon page pulls your sermon videos, audio and notes directly from the content module and organizes the sermons into series on the app. 

Standalone Audio Feed 

The audio feed allows you to use Church Base CMS - and upload audio from the Content module - or choose a custom source. 

If you choose a custom source, the audio page supports the following:

  • RSS feeds including media files
  • Feeds from sources like SoundsCloud & iTunes

Standalone Video Feed

The video feed allows you to use video feeds from the following sources...

  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Video Podcast


The Article section can automatically pull articles from your Church Base CMS or from an external RSS feed. 

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