So you've subscribed to Church Base and you want to begin designing your DIY website. That's wonderful! We didn't want you to have to start from scratch, so there's already a Church theme created for you to start editing. You can either keep the current layout, edit it and add your own content, or you can use the all the sections for design inspiration and come up with your own thing. The sky's the limit! 

Note: The demo theme is a one-page website. This means that the menu bar buttons are anchored to different sections on your website. To create your own pages and add them to the menu bar, click here. 

In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to edit your demo theme. 

Click on Website Editor in the top bar. You'll see your homepage appear. In the top left corner of the page, click "Edit with Page Editor" 

A tool bar will appear on the left side of the page. Because this is a front-end builder, all of your edits are made in real time. 

In the tool bar is where you'll find all of your widgets, or, "elements". These are what you will use to design your website. 

Each block is considered a "section." Scroll over on the page and you'll see each section highlighted with a blue box around it. This is an easy way to define sections. 

Within each sections are widgets. Whether it's text, buttons, photos, etc. Widgets and Elements are the same thing. Hover over a widget inside a section and it'll also show a blue box around it. You can open each widget and edit it's settings. See example below. 

To see examples of each widget, click here! 

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