NOTE: the campaign system is still in beta, so please inform us of ANY issues you see or problems you encounter.

Church campaigns help you raise money for specific projects and collect pledges, or recurring donations from members. 

Your members can...

  • Pledge any amount, one time or recurring. 
  • Give any amount to the campaign, one time or recurring. 
  • We'll remind them of their pledges based on the frequency they chose.

Where do pledged-gifts show up?

The gifts that are pledged show up in your Donations tab under the giving module. They are tagged with the fund you've chosen to accompany the campaign. 

On "Campaigns" you can monitor the status and progress of your campaign and see the amount pledged and amount given.

To create a pledge...

Click "Add Campaign" and fill in the name, total campaign goal, and end date. 

You can send your donors the short like associated with your pledge which will look like

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