To get started log in to your domain registrar account. You must own or buy the name of your domain through the registrar of your choice before connecting it to your Church Base website.
In this example, we are using GoDaddy. Please note that if you have a different domain registrar, the steps may be slightly different.

STEP 1: Go to "Manage Domains" or your registrar's domain editor

STEP 2: Select the drop down menu next to the domain name you are connecting to your Church Base website. Then select "Manage DNS"

STEP 3: Go to the "Connection" module in your dashboard and select "Advanced Website" and "Website Admin"

STEP 4: Select the "Tools" icon and "Domain Mapping" section

STEP 5: You may see a list of records there, be sure to delete any "A Records" that may be listed. Select "ADD" and choose "A Record" under "Type"

STEP 6: Go back to the "Domain Mapping" page and copy the IP Address found there

STEP 7: Switch back to your Domain Registrar page.
Select "A Record" under "Type"
Enter "@" for Host and paste the IP Address (copied in Step 5) as "Points To"
Select "Save"

STEP 8: Go back to the "Domain Mapping" page
Enter your domain name under "Map New Domain Name" and select "Map Domain"

You successfully mapped your domain! It can take 24-48 hours to propagate. If you have any issues, please reach out for help! :)

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