Adding a blog to your website and app can attract a lot of online traffic. Here's how to start blogging for your Church. 

The Content section is where you'll add sermon series, blog posts, and events. For this article, we'll be talking specifically about adding blog posts. Click here to learn how to add sermon series and events. 

Note: whenever you add anything in the content section, whether it be sermons, blogs or events, they will show up automatically on your website. If you would like this content on your app, please notify your app designer.

On your dashboard, click "Content" from the drop-down menu in the header. Click Custom Posts > All Posts.

Click the "Add New" button.

Title your post and begin writing your blog article. You can also add photos or forms. On the right hand column is where you can save your draft, preview your article, and publish it live. 

Before you post, make sure to add a Featured Image. This will show as the thumbnail image on the front end of your app and website.

Church Base Marketing Tip: Every time you make a post, remember to assign it to a category. It will save you a lot of time if you ever decide to filter posts by categories on different pages. Some category ideas include blog, newsletter, bulletin, devotionals, news, etc.

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