App Integration: 

On your Church Base app we can add a form inside the app that adds users to a Mailchimp list or flow.

Website Integration:

Your Church Base website features forms that integrate directly to Mailchimp, you can add feeds to add any users who fill out your forms directly to a list on Mailchimp. 

To add integrate a form with Mailchimp...

  1. Log into your dashbaord
  2. Click the Website module on the left
  3. Click "Forms" 
  4. Select "Settings" and add your Mailchimp API key under "Mailchimp Integration"
  5. Go to "All Forms"
  6. Select which form you'd like to integrate
  7. Once the form is open, scroll over "Settings" on top and click "Mailchimp"
  8. Click "Add New" to begin the integration
  9. Select the 

For more information, chat with your designer. 

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