There are two ways of segmenting your users, groups and topics. Here's a quick walkthrough of both of them. 


Groups are used to segment users into specific categories such as separating regular users from administrators or staff. 

Groups allow you to lock access to certain sections of the app to only those signed in users, send notifications specifically to those users registered and added to a group, and much more. 

Users cannot specifically add themselves to a group since that defeats the purpose of exclusivity and access restrictions. 

How to create a group

Inside your dashboard, go to "users" and click on "Groups" you may manage or add your groups here. 

How to add a user to a group

On your dashboard, click "Users" and select the user you wish to edit and select the group you'd like to add them to. 


A topic is like a group but it doesn't require users to register nor does it allow you to segment users only push notifications. 

Topics are great to use for different ministries inside the church, such as youth ministry, women's ministry, etc. Users can subscribe to the topics inside your app without any sort of approval. 

When a user subscribes to a topic, they will receive the notifications you send to that topic. 

Create a topic

Inside your dashboard, go to "users" and click on "Topics" add or manage the topics you'd like to create.

To send to a topic go to "notifications" and select the topic you wish to send the user to. 

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