Note: We recommend watching the video tutorial on this article to get a better understanding on how to edit your pages design.

Getting to know your editing tools.

Start by editing your page's design. Hover over the are of the website you want to edit and a blue editing menu will appear. There are a few items to reference in the menu that will help you better understand what each menu item does.

The cross looking icon lets you drag and drop that section anywhere on your pages design. The wrench icon lets you edit the specific settings on the content you want to edit. The folder looking icons are meant to easily duplicate the specific element you are working on. The hamburger menu is meant to edit that cell or container for advanced options. We suggest not touching that unless you are an advanced user. Finally the x icon deletes that section you are working on.

Editing current items and elements.

We choose to illustrate the header block on the homepage as a reference of a specific item to edit. Notice we clicked on the wrench icon and a new menu pops up with additional customization options. You will see that we can change the title of the heading, add a link if we choose or change the style or even go deeper in the advanced options. 

Clicking on the style tab gives you deeper customization to select a specific font, font size, font color and more.

When finished make sure to click the save button and also the save button or done button on the main page to save your changes located on the floating menu to the left or the blue button in the upper right hand corner.

Adding new elements to your page's design

Start by clicking the + sign in the tope right hand corner of your website editor. When you click the + sign 3 main menus will appear.

  1. Modules - Specific building blocks to add design elements.
  2. Rows- Containers in which building blocks live in.
  3. Templates- Pre-made page layouts with headers to make it faster and easier for you to design your website quickly.

Notice the dozens of design modules to choose from. Simple drag and drop and module from the right onto the are of the page you want to edit.

Choose different rows that you can place modules into. Notice the hero image of the homepage has a single container to edit and then a 3 column row was added for the title, buttons and associated text.

Finally the templates allow for even faster page building. Simply click and template and either replace the page entirely or append the layout to the bottom of your current page's design.

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