1. Start by clicking "Customize" on the Church Base header menu and then click on "Menus" on the customizer menu that appears to the left.

2. You will see various menus that are powering the header and the footer areas. Select the menu called "Home Menu".

Add a menu item:

  1. Scroll down until you see the "Add Item" button. Click it. 
  2. Choose from the list of "Pages" and click the "+" to add it.
  3. On the left, where you see a list of pages on the menu, drag and drop the new item. 
  4. You may also add an external link by clicking "Add Item" then choosing "Custom Links" right above "Pages"

Rearranging Menu Items

  1. You can drag and drop menu items to change their order on the menu. 
  2. If your menu is too crowded or squished in the preview, or you'd like to make a sub menu, grab an item and drag slightly to the right until you see an outline then release, this will add the item as a sub menu item and free up space on your main navigation. 

To Rename or Remove Pages From The Menu

  1. Click a menu item and select "Remove" at the bottom to remove it from the menu. 
  2. Enter text in the "Navigation Label" field to change the name of the menu item.

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