Here's a video walkthrough of the editor, with step by step below. 

1. Choose Which Page To Edit

Choose the page you'd like to start working on by hovering over "Switch Page..." 

2. Load The Editor

Once you're on the page you wish to work on, click "Edit this page's design" and the editor will load. 

3. Start Editing

After the editor loads, you can hover over ANY element and change it by clicking it. For example, hover over the "WELCOME HOME" title and click it. 

Tip: The elements settings are inside the popup. When you're done customizing the element, click "Save" or click "Cancel" to return.

4. Non-Clickable Elements
You can also hover over items that aren't clickable (like the banner) and select the tool icon on the blue bar to edit. 

Pro tip:
each element has multiple tabs you can edit. For example, click on the card "Latest Sermon" right under the banner. You'll see multiple tabs on the popup allowing you to control different elements, like the button color & text under "Link / Button "

5. Save and Publish
After you're done you can save as a draft or publish your changes...

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