Video Walkthrough of Giving Module: 

Subscribe to the giving module:

First. log into your dashboard. Then you'll need to subscribe to the free giving module.

Do this by going to settings > subscriptions > "Subscribe" under the giving module. 

Step By Step Setup

1. Open the giving module:

2. To begin setting up your giving, click "Manage Churches" on the left, then "Add A Church". 

Tip: Each church can only have one bank account associated with it, but unlimited funds. So if you've got separate bank accounts per campus, create separate churches per campus. You can also add and manage funds later on. 

3. Fill out the churches information and legal details
No sensitive data is kept on our server, it's sent directly to Stripe, a PCI compliant processor. 

4. Verify your church with Stripe.
Sometimes stripe automatically verifies so you don't have to, in which case it will be marked "Verified" already. 

5. After you're done verifying your account you're ready to begin accepting donations, go to "Website Widget" on the left menu to access your giving links!

More about website widget...

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